Take a picutre on the Remote place shooting

The formula rules of this photo shooting.

Qualified for joinYou must be interest the photograph.
Use materialsDeigital camera, Uni finder film camera, Compact film camera , Disposable film camera or etc.
RetoutchIf you retouch the photo by PC or any, then please tell me what are retouched.
And if you use the any filter lens then please tell me what filter you use.
(This means are level up at other person.)
Shooting limitageOne month since decided the shooting theme.
Entry the photoPlease e-mail to SHIMSOFT, Digital camera photo or Scanning the printed photo at JPEG format data.
SecretariatDisplay the entry photos on "X-Site".
Display term is next theme's entry limitage.
Executive committeeSHIMSOFT Group
How to join usPlease send a e-mail with your took photo JPEG file only.
How to decide a themeTolking about in the BBS"刑事バァ〜ン"

If you have any question, please send a e-mail.

The 4th theme is "the Summer.". Now accept photos.
Limit is End of September.

2001 June The 3rd theme is "Town/City place/crowd photo" photos displayed

2000 April The 2nd theme is "Scenery with water" photos displayed.

1998 October The 1st theme is "Scenery at evening" photos displayed

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If you have any question, please contact to me.
e-Mail to SHIMSOFT.